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Alert Service Features
  • Consistent Results: 31/36 winning trades since December 2017
  • Trade Alerts Per Month: 6-8, includes trade adjustments
  • Average Holding Period: 12 Days
  • Private Group Access: Lifetime FB Group access
  • Weekly Time Investment: 20 Minutes or Less
  • Average Number Of Open Positions: 3-4 open trades
  • Minimum Recommended Capital: $7,500
  • Simple Execution: Full trade instructions included
Trade Alert Results
August 2018
July 2018
June 2018
May 2018
April 2018
March 2018
February 2018
January 2018
December 2017
Number of Trades
Net Profit*
Win Rate
Number of Trades
August 2018: 4 Trades
July 2018: 5 Trades
June 2018: 3 Trades
May 2018: 5 Trades
April 2018: 4 Trades
March 2018: 4 Trades
February 2018: 2 Trades
January 2018: 4 Trades
December 2017: 5 Trades
Net Profit*
August 2018:

July 2018:

June 2018:

May 2018:

April 2018:

March 2018:

February 2018:

January 2018:

December 2017:

Win Rate*
August 2018: 100%
July 2018: 60%
June 2018: 66%
May 2018: 80%
April 2018: 100%
March 2018: 100%
February 2018: 100%
January 2018: 75%
December 2017: 100%
*Profit Based on 500 Shares Per Trade Alert, Excludes Commissions and Fees.
What You Will Receive

Trade Alerts

You will receive 4 to 6 high quality Trade Alerts Per Month.  Alerts will be delivered via email, app notification and within the members area of the website

Website Access Included

Trade Alerts will be available to view within the Trading Profit Membership section

Private Forum Access

Your subscription will include FREE access to our FB Private Group

Trading Profit App

Subscription includes FREE access to our Trading Profit App to view trade alerts and receive push notifications
Only Pay For Winning Trades!!!
Stock Trade Alert
Our Exclusive Stock Alert Service identifies trades on equities and etf’s right before they are set to skyrocket.

Not only will you get our live alerts in your inbox and via our mobile phone app, you will also have access to our Private Forum Group.  The forum allows you to interact with other subscribers. You will also have members access to the site where you can view current open trades and see results from previous months.

We offer one simple subscription option to choose from.  There are no contracts to commit to and you can cancel anytime, no questions asked!
 Only $59
Per Winning Trade*
Detailed trade instructions, updates and special techniques to fix losing trades are all included.
No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.  Payments Are Processed Through Zaxaa
*Trades that earn at least $1 per share are considered winning trades
What Our Members Have To Say About Us
"...maybe you can quit your job too!"
"I gave it a try and the rest is history.  I think The Trading Profit can change your life."
Chris E. - Alabama, USA
"...I bought a house thanks to Jeff"
"The trade alerts help me to learn the strategies quicker because I'm using real life examples to teach me"
Shemeck M. - Pennsylvania, USA
"...paying my mortgage off much quicker"
"I am no longer worried about my family's future thanks to The Trading Profit."
Craig W. - Atlanta, Georgia , USA
The Trading Profit Alert Newsletter is published as an information service for subscribers, and it includes opinions as to buying, selling and holding various stocks and other securities. However, the publishers of The Trading Profit Alert Newsletter are not brokers or investment advisers, and do not provide investment advice or recommendations directed to any particular subscriber or in view of the particular circumstances of any particular person. The Trading Profit, including its owner, does not participate in any trades issued through the alert services. Subscribers to The Trading Profit Alert Newsletter or any other persons who buy, sell or hold securities should do so with caution and consult with a broker or investment adviser before doing so.
Trading securities and options involves risk. Prior to buying or selling an option, an investor must receive a copy of Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options. Investors need a broker to trade securities and options, and must meet suitability requirements. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance. Performance figures are based on actual recommendations. Due to the time critical nature of trading, brokerage fees, and the activity of other subscribers, there is no guarantee that subscribers will mirror the performance of the service. Performance numbers shown are based on trades subscribers could enter based on the trade alerts. The Trading Profit, LLC assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred by any individual or entity as a result of trade alerts or strategies taught through courses or coaching services.
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